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Aircraft Maintenance & Turbine Engine Repair in Singapore

A malfunctioning aircraft is a costly headache. That’s why it’s important to prioritize regular inspections and maintenance and save yourself a more significant loss of time and money in the future. Unfortunately, even if you perfectly maintain your aircraft, chances are you’ll run into trouble at some point.

Well, whether you need routine aircraft maintenance services or troubleshooting and repair, Vortex Aviation is here to help. Our OEM-trained technicians have extensive certifications, experience, and expertise in all areas of aircraft service. At our Singapore location, we service planes in the South Pacific in the field and in our shop.

Aircraft Engine Maintenance & Repair Services in Singapore

Our team has been serving the aviation industry for over two decades with superior aircraft inspections and 24/7 turbine and AOG engine support. We’ll work to get you back in the sky as quickly as possible because we know that every second you’re grounded is time and money wasted. Our Singapore location is able to provide aircraft in the South Pacific with the following services:

  • Worldwide AOG/On-Site Quick-Turn Field Service Support
  • Engine Removal and Installation
  • Engine Preservation On-Wing/Off-Wing
  • On-Wing Trouble Shooting and Rectification
  • Engine Evaluation and Management
  • Top Case Inspection and Repair with Blade Replacement
  • Video Borescope Inspection Digital Measurement
  • On-Wing HPC Blend Borescope Repair
  • Module Removal and Replacement
  • Fan Blade Removal and Replacement
  • Engine Lease Returns, Inspection, and Evaluation
  • Engine Acquisition Inspection, Evaluation, and Assessment
  • Engine Storage


Whatever type of aircraft maintenance or engine repair you need, Vortex Aviation is eager to help. Contact us today to learn more about our Singapore services!


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