Welcome to Vortex Aviation

Vortex Aviation is a Global “On-Wing” Turbine Engine Support Company providing 24/7 AOG engine maintenance and support.


24/7 Turbine Engine Support and Maintenance
Since 2007, Vortex Aviation has been the worldwide authority on turbine and AOG engines. Our crew is always ready to help you with large aircraft service and repairs. We’re proud of the sterling reputation we’ve cultivated over the past decade-plus of serving the aviation industry.

When you contact Vortex Aviation, you can expect:

• On-wing turbine engine repairs
• Engine preservation at our Shannon, Ireland location
• And much more

Why Choose Vortex Aviation?
Vortex Aviation is a global company, maintaining locations in Ireland and two US-based shops. Our international presence means you can choose the location that works best for you. Leave your aircraft in good hands while we perform a meticulous, multiple-point inspection.

We will immediately identify anything wrong with your aircraft and give you a competitive price on fixing it. We have an extensive selection of parts in stock, so you won’t have to wait around for weeks or months till we can get you back in the air.

Providing Turbine Engine Support and 24/7 AOG Engine Maintenance
You can always bring an aircraft to us that’s experiencing turbine engine trouble. However, getting your fleet checked periodically is also a smart idea.

“AOG” means aircraft on the ground, and you don’t want to wait till one of your planes gets to that condition for us to take a look at it. By that point, more extensive repairs might be required. You can often avoid that by allowing our trained aviation mechanics to look it over and identify any problems before they end up costing you more.

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Whether you have an AOG situation or you’re looking for routine turbine engine support, our crew is always eager to help. We know that you and your customer base want to get back in the sky as quickly as possible, and we’re the company to help you do that.

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