Hospital Shop

Our in house capabilities sets the standard for quick turn repairs. Hospital shop repairs are a great advantage for saving time and heavy repair costs compared to induction into a large mro. Key element is the quick turn in getting the engine back on wing with minimum impact to operation and extending on wing life of your engine.

We customize and generate specific workscopes to address issues related to designated module or at the component level. Engines inducted to our hospital line will be inspected to the required oem criteria while concentrating on the issue of unserviceability and always maintain proper overall inspections for final certification for return to service.

Our oem trained technicians are certified in these specific tasks where experience is the key to making decisions without making costly impacts to bottom line and safety.

In House Capabilities

  • HPC Top Case Inspection and Repair with Blade Replacement
  • Video Borescope Inspection Digital Measurement
  • HPC Blend Borescope Repair
  • Engine module removal and replacement
  • LRU Removal and Replacement (Gearbox etc.)
  • QEC Swap / QEC Conversions.
  • Engine Model Conversion/ Thrust Rating
  • Airworthiness Directive (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB) Compliance
  • Engine Lease returns inspection and evaluation.
  • Engine Long-Term Storage / Preservation
  • Bridging Maintenance Programs C-Check /MPD Tasks